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Sprouting Thrinax
Mystery Booster
1489 (uncommon)
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Sprouting Thrinax {B}{R}{G}

Creature - Lizard
When Sprouting Thrinax dies, create three 1/1 green Saproling creature tokens.
The vast network of predation on Jund has actually caused some strange creatures to adapt to being eaten.
  • Artist: Jarreau Wimberly
  • Rarity: uncommon (MC)
  • Collector Number: 1489
  • Released: 2019-11-07

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Foreign names
  • 芽生叉齿蜥
  • Sprießendes Thrinax
  • Thrinax bourgeonnant
  • Thrinax dei Germogli
  • 芽吹くトリナクス
  • Trinax Germinante
  • Разрастающийся Тринакс
  • Thrinax germinante