I am looking for help with reviewing sets and/or maintaining Lore Seeker and the Big Custom Box. If you're interested, please contact me in #general in the Custom Standard Discord. —Fenhl


Big Custom Box

The Big Custom Box includes all the files needed to play custom formats like ECH or Custom Standard using Cockatrice.

Current version: 13.1

The Full Install boxes come with a portable version of Cockatrice for Windows and are recommended for new players. Just download, unzip, and run cockatrice.exe.

Get a box with Loose Files instead if you're on Mac or Linux or if you prefer to add the files to your existing copy of Cockatrice. Please read the included install instructions.

If you use an Images on Demand box, Cockatrice will download each card's image the first time it's shown. This is recommended for most players as it decreases the size of the initial download.

Get a box with Bundled Images instead if you intend to do offline deckbuilding.


This is a custom build of XMage which includes some of the custom cards. It can be used to play EXH or variants of other custom formats.

Download Custom XMage (current version: 1.4.42V5-exh12.3)