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Formats — Fusion Dragon Highlander

Fusion Dragon Highlander (FDH) formerly known as Custom Commander is a custom eternal Constructed multiplayer format modeled after Commander.

Decks consist of 100 cards and no sideboard, one of which is a legendary creature chosen as a commander.

Except for basic lands, all cards are allowed in only 1 copy. No card is allowed if its color identity contains colors outside color identity of the chosen commander.

The commander must be a custom card, and the main deck must contain at least 15 custom nonland cards. The remaining cards may be custom or real Magic cards.

Real cards use the same card pool and banlist as Commander, with the exception that no un-cards are legal. Custom cards use the same card pool and banlist as Custom Eternal. Additional cards may be (and currently are) banned.

Included sets

Format includes cards from the following sets:

Banned cards

Restricted cards

There are no restricted cards.

Ban history

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